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Mercury contamination has been found in nearly 50% of commercial high-fructose corn syrup, and in about a third of brand-name (Quaker, Hershey's, Kraft, Smucker’s, etc.) products that were tested (all had hfcs as the first or second ingredient).
Apparently the caustic soda used to separate corn starch from the kernel is often a by-product of other industrial processes that use mercury.
The corn refiners association says this is old news; they have only used mercury-free reagents for the last two years. The reporter seems somewhat skeptical on this point.
Could be a lot of corn syrup sensitivities are really mercury sensitivities.

Meanwhile, in the same online journal, they report that spruce waste from softwood mills is being explored as a stabilizer for emulsions -- look for it coming to a beverage near you. I just hope it's pre-paper pulp waste. Ever smell a paper mill?

There is also an article on how the Peanut Corporation of America knew that quality samples were coming back with salmonella contamination, but they chose to continue manufacture and merely send out samples for retesting. They've been doing that for two years.
Apparently the FDA itself hadn't inspected the plant in the last two years; it subcontracted to Georgia state officials.
Tally: 502 cases, 108 hospitalizations, and 8 deaths. A lawyer's wet-dream.

Meanwhile, the government insists that the food supply is just fine and "organic" is just a silly fringe movement with no science to back it up.


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